Solo Mining

You can attempt to earn some VirtaCoins by solo mining. The act of "mining" is simply a way of contributing processing power to the VirtaCoin network. It helps to secure the network and process transactions.

While VirtaCoin is young your chances of earning coins as a solo miner are good. However, as the total computing power of the network grows, eventually, it will only be profitable to mine with a mining pool.


The simplest way to solo mine is to enable your wallet to generate coins.

Option 1: All Operating Systems
An option which should work for Windows, Mac and Linux involves modifying the VirtaCoin wallet configuration file: virtacoin.conf For this to work, you must locate the configuration file and edit it to include the following lines...


After saving the configuration file, shut down your VirtaCoin wallet and restart it.

Option 2: Windows Users Only
1.Find the file you downloaded (virtacoin-qt.exe), right-click it, and choose to create a shortcut.
2.Right-click the shortcut you just made and select "properties".
3.Where it shows the "target", add a space followed by the parameters. For example, if it shows the target as...
then you change it to-
"c:\path\to\virtacoin-qt.exe" -gen=1 -genproclimit=-1
Note: Don't change anything within the quotation marks! After the last quotation mark, just add a space and the parameters shown.
4.Now, whenever you click this new shortcut to launch the VirtaCoin wallet, it should begin solo mining.
Your Reward
When your wallet software is mining, it will contribute as much computing power as it can to the VirtaCoin network. There is a chance – but no guarantee – that you will earn VirtaCoins as a result of this process. If you do earn coins from mining, they will show up in your VirtaCoin wallet and will become available to use after a short while.
Configuration Settings:

You may use the settings below in your virtacoin.conf file. You may also use the port numbers listed to configure mining software, firewall port forwarding, etc.


VirtaCoin Belongs to You

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